About Us


Passionate Marketing Experts

4 CORNERS MARKETING (4cornersmarketing.ca) helps businesses and organizations promote their objectives and achieve their revenue goals. As a marketing and fundraising company, our services are designed to empower our client’s brand and provide direct marketing campaigns.  Our main objective is to surpass our clients revenue growth goals while maintaining brand integrity.

Our Analytical Approach

Our service devices a unique and logical strategy to best introduce our client’s project to the market.  Using our client’s project’s core objectives, we design a powerful story that’s in line with their target audience and aligns with the consumer acceptance and perception of value.  Our campaigns are unique and will leave a lasting impression.

Industry Wide Success

We work with a large number of clients from various organizations and business. By focusing on interpersonal relationships and engaging with key stakeholders, our company has excelled to become one of the top emerging marketing agencies in North America!

Our marketing experts are ready to assist our clients’ businesses.


Sales and Donor Acquisition:  Our highly trained Marketing Team has years of fundraising experience and specializes in face to face donor acquisitions. We reach to be a reliable continuation of our client’s marketing departments.

Marketing and Brand Awareness:  Every business needs a sound marketing plan. Starting from an understanding of our client’s target market, our Marketing Managers will device direct marketing campaigns that are unique to our client’s organization’s objectives to reach widespread audience and create amplified awareness.

Customer Service:  In addition to long-term marketing support, we strive to promote strong relationships between our client’s organization and target market. Our friendly and experienced Sales and Customer Service Representatives strive to improve the way the world think about our client’s organization and build loyalty.