Enigma Interconnect

Enigma Interconnect

About Us

Enigma Interconnect is Western Canada’s Largest Manufacturer of High Quality
Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s)

We are thriving due to:

  • Customer-centric service that consistently exceeds expectations.
  • Manufacturing boards of exceptional quality and reliability with the Enigma Standard Spec.
  • Competitive pricing options that blend the best of made-in-Canada and offshore boards.
  • Precision quick turn expedited services delivered within 30 hours.

Leverage Our Extensive Industry Expertise to Build a More Cost-effective Board

Enigma Interconnect does more than simply fabricate PCB’s, we are a valuable resource to our customers by offering comprehensive Design for Manufacturability (DFM) by reviewing IPC Standards for PCB Design vs. IPC Standards for PCB Acceptability. By doing this, we ensure boards can be manufactured as efficiently as possible. The Enigma Interconnect team is typically involved up front in our client’s design process but can offer budgetary quoting if required.

Enigma Interconnect Adds Quality Without Adding to Your Costs

Our technology and compliance meets the highest quality standards and has earned Enigma Interconnect the reputation as a leading PCB company.

No Project is Too Big or Too Small for Our Highly Flexible Manufacturing Systems