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Gurkha Himalayan Kitchen

Our Story

he Gurkhas are world renowned and respected Nepali soldiers, highly prized in the British Army and known for their loyalty, generosity, and courage. The term Gurkha originated from Gorkha, the name of one of the districts of Nepal, a country nestled in the Himalayas.

At Gurkha Kitchen, you will enjoy a distinctive dining experience of fresh herbs and spices unique to the Himalayas, giving you an authentic Nepali flavour.The heart of a Nepali meal consists of daal-bhaat, (lentils-rice) and achaar (chutney), complimented by other main and side dishes of meat and vegetables. For both lunch and dinner daal-bhaat remains the staple in most Nepali households. Much less spicy in taste, the more traditional Nepali dishes are influenced by Tibetan and Chinese cuisines even though modern Nepali cuisine boasts a mix of both Tibetan and Indian styled cooking.

Our Head Chef is from Gorkha and subscribes to the Gurkha pursuit of perfection. With his guidance, all of us at Gurkha Kitchen continually strive for the ultimate dining experience for each and every guest.

Our Goal

Our goal is to offer you the highest level of service, for which the Gurkhas are known around the world, while providing you with an authentic Nepali dining experience.

Chef’s Corner

At Gurkha Kitchen, every dish is freshly prepared using only the highest quality, low-fat ingredients that are free from any artificial colouring or preservatives. To the best of our ability we will happily customize dishes to your individual taste, as we aim to create an ultimate dining experience for you. We value your suggestions and ideas to help us serve you better!