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You won’t find another health care company like us. Using exercise, lifestyle and nutrition counselling and healthy habit formation as our tools, our highly-trained exercise physiologists will work with you to ensure that you have the information and support you need to become more active and make lasting changes to your health and lifestyle.


We welcome everyone with open, accepting arms! Big; small; old; multiple chronic diseases – it doesn’t matter to us. At LIVE WELL you won’t find muscle heads or ultra-marathoners. This is a place where everyone is going to know your name and accept you, no matter your weight or your level of fitness. Everyone at LIVE WELL is trying to get active, feel better and improve their health. It’s a culture of comfort, acceptance, care and kindness.


Although we are passionate about exercise, we know that not everyone shares our passion. People don’t usually come to us because they love to exercise. So we make it fun! You will come to our clinic 2 x (for the inspired) or 3 x (for the devoted) per week where you will join a group of like-minded people, all in the same boat: trying to live a happy, active life. The sense of camaraderie and community in our clincis is special. It will inspire you and you may inspire those around you.


Don’t be fooled by the fun, caring culture in our clinics. Underpinning it is a clinical, evidence-based program. Our exercise and lifestyle programs are crafted by our own team of physicians and exercise physiologists. When you come into our clinics to exercise, you work with exercise physiologists and fitness professionals who will tailor a program specifically for you and your needs.

Meet our team of team of health care and exercise specialists.


Eating habits and nutrition, lifestyle coaching, medical consultation, habit formation, goal-setting: whether you are trying to lose weight, reduce your cholesterol, decrease your blood pressure, or just get healthier, we take a well-rounded approach to your program.

We customize workout and nutrition goals for you and your specific health issues.  You and your health issues are unique, which is why we spend so much time with you when you first join LIVE WELL to ensure that we truly understand where you are at with your health, and craft a plan that will help you be successful.

Starting with our thorough functional and cardio-respiratory assessments, we establish your body’s level of fitness and your heart’s ability to exercise. We can then design a customized exercise program tailored to your health needs and goals.

We are a warm community, full of heart, determination, and perseverance. You will be motivated by those around you. Whether it is through one of our walking clubs, your group exercise class, or yoga lessons, our programs foster a great sense of belonging for our members.

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