Northern Health

Northern Health

About Us


Northern Health leads the way in promoting health and providing health services for Northern and rural populations.


Through the efforts of dedicated staff and physicians, in partnership with communities and organizations, we provide exceptional health services for Northerners.


Value statements guide decisions and actions.

We will succeed in our work through:

  • Empathy – Seeking to understand each individual’s experience.
  • Respect – Accepting each person as a unique individual.
  • Collaboration – Working together to build partnerships.
  • Innovation – Seeking creative and practical solutions.

Strategic Priorities

Priority 1: Healthy People in Healthy Communities
Northern Health will partner with communities to support people to live well and prevent disease and injury.

Priority 2: Coordinated and Accessible Services
Northern Health will provide health services based in a Primary Care Home and linked to a range of specialized services which support each person and their family over the course of their lives, from staying healthy, to addressing disease and injury, to end-of-life care.

Priority 3: Quality
Northern Health will ensure a culture of continuous quality improvement in all areas.

Enabling Priorities

These two priorities cut across all parts of the health care system and are critical for enabling Northern Health to achieve its Strategic Priorities.

Our People
Northern Health provides services through its people and will work to have those people in place and to help them flourish in their work.

Communications, Technology, and Infrastructure
Northern Health will implement effective communications systems, and sustain a network of facilities and infrastructure that enables service delivery.