About Us

Our Vision

We make Canada stronger by delivering our customers’ promises.

We strive to be:

Recognized for our extensive network

Purolator is a leading integrated freight, package and logistics solutions provider, we have built one of Canada’s most extensive transportation and logistics networks and supporting infrastructure. The advantages of this size and scale benefit our customers, with more facilities in more regional centres than any other freight and parcel solutions provider in Canada. Nationally, provincially and regionally, our customers can count on best-in-class service and support from Purolator, wherever they are.

We deliver services and solutions critical to Canada’s busiest urban centres. We deliver promises. The promises our customers make to their customers. From timely, dependable package delivery to integrated distribution solutions, we are well-equipped with the size, experience and expertise to meet the sophisticated, high-volume demands of our customers and deliver their promises.

Preferred for our exceptional customer service

Flexibility and responsiveness are the hallmarks of our approach to customer service. We continuously focus on delivering best-in-class service and upholding our standards of quality. Our committed teammates’ deep understanding of customer needs and their on-the-ground decision-making capability allow us to be responsive in delivering our customers’ promises.

Valued for our innovative solutions

Our strength as a company is built on the strength of our more than 10,000 teammates. Our focus is on delivering the right services and solutions to our customers. Our culture encourages involvement, thrives on communication and empowers employees to find innovative, real-time solutions to create value for our customers.

Our Values

We live and operate under a strong set of corporate values. These values guide us in all that we do for our teammates, in our communities, and for our customers. Success, both in business and in our communities, will mean living these values in all we do as one big team with aligned goals. Our corporate values include a group of core principles:


People First

We recognize that our teammates and their families are key stakeholders. We will only be successful as a business and as a service provider to our customers if we provide our teammates with a safe and healthy workplace. We ensure that we have the right people, in the right roles, with the support they need to succeed. We hire for attitude and train for skills.


Customer Focus

We can only create long-term, sustainable shareholder value and meaningful customer experiences if we deliver products and services that our customers value and are willing to compensate us fairly for. We are committed to giving our customers compelling reasons to choose us over our competition.


Corporate Stewardship

Our teammates are custodians of this great Canadian organization. We strive to make our company a better place for our teammates to work in and our customers to rely on.  We work together to strengthen the communities we serve, and we manage our business ethically and sustainably.



Trust, a value that is universally cherished, can only be earned and maintained if we are open and honest with our employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.  Except to the extent necessary to comply with the law or protect competitively sensitive information, we will ensure that everyone has a common understanding of where we are, where we are going and how we arrive at significant decisions.


Performance Excellence

We can achieve all of the above only if we work collaboratively, as one big team with aligned goals, giving our best to our teammates, our customers and our communities. We demand and recognize excellence, both in terms of what we achieve and how we achieve it.