REITIUM Blockchain Technologies

REITIUM Blockchain Technologies

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REITIUM is a real estate equity crowdfunding platform and protocol that utilizes smart contract technology offering investors compliance, privacy, security and liquidity of fractional ownership that is 100% tethered to the property asset, based on real market value.

Our global platform is built to offer the opportunity for anyone to invest for as little as $100, enabling Real Estate for Everyone™.

We offer a double ROI model where investors earn rental income as a dividend and when they choose to sell all or part of their shares, they capitalize on the asset’s market appreciation.

Compliance has been one of our main pillars since inception and we have partnered with trusted third party vendors for our KYC and AML efforts. 

Partnered with IBM, REITIUM is built on Hyperledger Fabric to deliver an enterprise-grade, permissioned, private blockchain.

Smart contracts are created for increased privacy, security and transparency, while reducing the time and costs traditionally associated with real estate transactions.

At REITIUM we are creating our digitized platform to fulfill our vision of allowing people across the globe to  invest in income-generating real estate.