Employers FAQ

I have questions/concerns/feedback, can I contact you?

The site is growing and we would welcome any questions or feedback. Feel free to Contact Us anytime!

Do I need to register to post a job?

Yes, employers must register to post a job. Registration is painless and should take you less than 20 seconds to complete. Once you register, you can provide some info on your company (or not, the choice is yours), then you can start posting jobs instantly.

Is it easy to post a job listing?

We believe it is. Simply register/verify your email - input your company info - select a job package - input your job posting(s) - you can have your job(s) online as fast as you can type!

Are applications sent directly to my email?

Yes, you are sent an email alert of the application along with the candidate resume. You can also login to your Employers account and you will see all applications received along with any resumes candidates have attached.

Can I manage all my Job Postings and Applications within the Employer Dashboard?

Absolutely, you can manage every job via your Jobs Dashboard. You can Unpublish, Edit and Delete jobs as required.

What is the Bump Up feature?

Back on top! The job Bump Up Add-On feature pushes your job posting from its current position in the listings (for example, page 5) and places it back at the top of the first page, where it will gain better exposure in its location and category and in any relevant searches. It’ll remain at the top until another job is posted or bumped up, at which point your ad will move down accordingly. As such, it doesn’t keep it on the front page indefinitely. The Bump Up feature will reset the post date of your job however it won't extend the life of your posting.

Do I have to use your Applications Dashboard to manage applications?

Absolutely not, you can simply use the resumes sent to you by candidates (which are attached in the notification email sent to you when a candidate applies). The Applications Dashboard was developed as a value add for employers looking to manage all Job Postings and Applications within one central location.

I want to add a new Job Posting but I can’t find the correct Job Category or Location to add?

We think we’ve covered most of the Job Categories and Locations, but if we’ve missed any please use the ‘closest’ category or location in the interim and email us with the job posting name and missing category or location – we’ll add the category/location and update your job posting within 24 hrs.

What happens to expired jobs and applications?

Expired jobs and applications remain on your Jobs and Applications Dashboard for a certain period of time (Expired Jobs can be Re-Posted). As part of regular site maintenance, older jobs and applications received are deleted after 2 months.

How do I repost an expired job?

1. Select a new Job Package.
2. Edit the job you would like to repost and Save the job (optional).
3. Click on the repost job icon.

Do I have to provide Company Info on the Employers Dashboard?

The only mandatory field we ask for is Company Name, all other fields are optional. If you don’t wish to disclose your company name, simply use Confidential in the Company Name field or some other descriptor.

Applicants FAQ

Do I need to register to apply for a job?

No, you can apply for any job posting without registering (registration is only available to employers to submit/manage job postings and applications).

Do I need a resume to apply?

Yes - we require that all application submissions require a resume to be attached. In our opinion, applications without a resume are just a waste of everyone's time. If you are serious about finding a job, ensure you have an updated, professional resume ready to send to the employer.

Are applications submitted directly to the employer?

Yes - all applications and accompanying resume are sent directly to the employer.

Should I provide a cover letter with my application?

Yes - we highly recommend this as a way to summarize your background and skills.