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How to send an appropriate job application by email

Sending job applications by email may appear simple, but from many of the email applications we’ve seen on BCjobHub we thought we should write an job search email etiquette post to help some candidates. Here are some rules that will help you avoid the employer hitting ‘delete’ within the first 3 seconds of reading your email application and get you noticed

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What is Google for Jobs?

Google Jobs was first released in June 2017 in the USA and went live in Canada April 2018. With 30% of all global Google searches related to employment, the purpose of Google’s new search function is to speed up the recruitment process and bridge the gap between job seekers and employers by incorporating job postings from many different sites into

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RCMP Setup New Website to Hire Dispatchers

Are you a Canadian citizen or permanent resident with a high school education and proficiency in the English language? If so, the B.C. RCMP has a job opportunity for you. The Mounties are looking to hire new dispatchers in British Columbia, and they’re promising a “modernized and streamlined” application process for new recruits. On Wednesday, the B.C. RCMP announced the

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Tell us why you’d be a great fit – please stop!

Dear Employers, Too many times we see on job postings the request to send an application along with “tell us why you’d be a great fit for us” – please stop asking this question at this stage. Why? Because we haven’t even met yet! In many cases (not all), you’ve haven’t included much (or anything) about the culture of the

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Obtaining a Canadian Temporary Work Permit

Far too often we see foreign candidates applying for job postings in Vancouver and BC without doing any research on what is actually required to work in Canada. Like everything else, you need to put some effort and research into this if you’re serious about working in BC. Simply sending in an application with no resume, no cover letter and

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Is there such a thing as a perfect resume?

The simple answer is NO. If we were to ask 10 Vancouver and BC employers or recruiters what a perfect resume was in their eyes – we would get 10 different answers. But, we can definitively say there is no ‘one size fits all’ resume. So if you’re just using one standard resume to blast out to different job opportunities

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