What is Google for Jobs?

Google Jobs was first released in June 2017 in the USA and went live in Canada April 2018. With 30% of all global Google searches related to employment, the purpose of Google’s new search function is to speed up the recruitment process and bridge the gap between job seekers and employers by incorporating job postings from many different sites into a consolidated Google search box.

Any employer, recruiter or job posting site can integrate with Google for Jobs (you obviously have to have a website with job postings) to have their postings visible, but it has mainly been incorporated by large enterprises or ‘big box’ posting sites because most businesses don’t have the means and technical knowledge to make this happen. In order to enable Google for Jobs index your job listings, you must implement the correct schema markup on your website. The necessary schema is Job Posting structured which makes it possible for Google to read your site and produce your job listings in response to a relevant search. You must then give each job listing a dated sitemap, Atom feed or RSS.

Why is Google for Jobs important?

Simple answer – exposure for your job posting to reach a wider audience of job-seekers.

As an example – if someone is searching on Google Canada for the terms – ‘BC Jobs’ – ‘Vancouver BC Jobs’ – ‘Vancouver Jobs’ – at the very top of the search will be Google for Jobs – see the image below for the search term ‘ bc jobs’:

As you can see BCjobHub has integrated with Google for Jobs so our job postings appear alongside postings from LinkedIn and other ‘Big Box’ sites that charge hundreds of dollars for a single job posting.

We hope this article helps explain what Google for Jobs is, how it benefits both employers and job-seekers and how BCjobHub uses this integration for Vancouver and BC Jobs to maximize exposure for your job postings.

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